Frequently asked questions

What documents do I require for Barrier Clearance of my import?

You will require at least the following documents for standard import barrier clearance:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing declaration (seafreight)
  • Treatment Certificate (if applicable to product or packaging)

You may also have additional import documentation, such as Certificates of Origin, which will assist with Barrier Clearance.

What is a SAC (Self assessed) entry?

A Sac entry is used to clear low-value goods where the value of the goods does not exceed the current import entry threshold, (currently AUD1000.00). These goods must arrive by air or sea.

A Sac entry is not applicable to goods arriving by post, goods that are considered personal effects (goods that you have owned for more than 12 months), goods sent by international post or goods on carnets.

All SAC entries must be lodged electronically. There are no cost recoveries required for a SAC entry through Customs for Duty and Importation GST, but you will be charged an agency fee for Smith Channon lodging your Import Declaration.

How do I import a Motor Vehicle?

If you are considering importing a Motor Vehicle to Australia, firstly you will need to apply for a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA). For further information and an application form, please visit the Australian Government website. Alternatively, Smith Channon is able to assist you with your application for a fee.

You will need to ensure you have all documents for the vehicle, including ownership and title documents.

All imported vehicles must be thoroughly cleaned, internally and externally prior to arrival in Australia. Vehicles must be clean and free of all Quarantine risk material (QRM), including live insects, seeds, soil, mud, clay, animal faeces, animal material, plant material such as straw, twigs, leaves, roots, bark, food refuse and other debris.

On arrival Quarantine will inspect the vehicle and may instruct further cleaning if they are not satisfied with cleanliness. Our depot will arrange further steam cleaning of the vehicle. If Quarantine is not satisfied with further cleaning of the import, you may be instructed to destroy or re-export the vehicle at your expense.

The staff at Smith Channon have years of experience with the importing of vehicles.

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